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Ashma Khanani – Moosa

Integrative Health, Wellness, & Meditation Coach
Sylvan Beach Med Spa Administrator
The secret to living a vibrant life is we all need holistic support. As your Integrative Health & Meditation Coach, that guidance and accountability – from exercise and nutrition to figuring out what’s holding you back from becoming the best you, which means diving deeper into outside factors that effect you as a whole – relationships, career, exercise, self-care, and spirituality – and that is exactly what we offer to you at Sylvan Beach Med Spa. The idea that things feed your life outside the food you’re eating is so true! I will work with you as your supportive mentor to help you make healthy lifestyle choices and to achieve your wellness goals.


The medicine of meditation is not just for yogis and spiritual seekers; it’s for everyone! The body achieves what the mind believes. Find out today how incorporating our meditation support group can also benefit your body as a whole and help you make better decisions in your life.
More About Ashma

My Journey

  • Breast Cancer Survivor since 2009
  • & Thyroid Cancer survivor since 2004
  • I am of Indian descent and part Turkish.
  • I was born in Uganda East Africa
  • Moved to London, England at age 10
  • Moved to Los-Angeles, California at age 14
  • Got Married and Moved to New Jersey
  • Settled in Houston, Texas in 1993


The most important thing in my life is My Faith and staying on the straight path. I believe in Empowering women. My Purpose in life is My Passion to give back to others with my volunteer work. My Passion is to bring the light of hope to others and to share with them my strength to never give up during their difficult journey. My Strength is My Best Friend and Life Partner. My husband is the most humble, loving and caring human being, he is my soul mate and my rock. My two gifts from Allah SWT are my two beautiful children Fatima and Isa. These 3 souls are the love of my life and my strength for each breath I take.


Love to travel, been told I have inherited the Wanderlust gene! Enjoy Reading, Writing & Meditation!

  • Went to school for Nursing, RN
  • Clinic Administrator/ Triage Nurse for 28+ years at La Porte Family Clinic, DR. Abdul R. Moosa (1996)
  • Grace & Heart – I have my own direct sales jewelry business, which I benefit the non-profits I support with my percentage that I earn from Mygraceandheart.com/ashma/
  • Mind over Matter Support Group & Meditation Coach
Volunteer Work
Achievements & Awards
  • Bushi Ban International – Humanitarian Award  – 2011-12
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center –  Over 2,ooo+ volunteer hours –
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center – Steering Committee, Recognition Award for serving 4 years 2012-2017
  • IMAGH -Indian Muslims Association of Greater Houston – Community Service Award – 2017
  • Recognized by the Office of Sheila Jackson Lee – Congress Woman with Proclamation of the 4th Annual Fundraising Event Hats & Henna for Non-Profit Organization “The Rose”, Serving Women with No Insurance – Raised Over $70K 2016-2019

Science Behind Health

Holistic Health Beyond the Plate
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Ashma Khanani-Moosa - Science Behind Health
My Health Coaching style program is a commitment from you and will work for you if you are ready to be present and being proactive to take the 1st step which is being true to yourself.


Art of Living – Science Behind Health
Affliction with Dr Moosa’s  MDVIP Practice



600 N Kobayashi Rd, Ste 212, Webster, TX 77058


401 W Fairmont Pkwy, #D, La Porte, TX 77571
My 6-month coaching program will work for you to reach your optimal health & happiness. If you are struggling with chronic disease, illness, self image, cancer, bereavement, divorce, weight management, lifestyle /health changes, this integrative health program is for you. I will listen and work through your struggles with no judgement.
What do I provide as a Health Coach?
A space to support, mentor, and give you the tools to wellness. I want my clients to feel the best through individualized food and lifestyle changes. I want them to feel confident and find their unique needs to reach their health goals. The space I provide for my clients is in a private, safe, supportive coaching practice with a one-on-one and group coaching program. I also include a FREE support group & meditation practice.
What is Integrative Health?
Our Integrative Health Program is a type of care that is centered around you and addresses all that affects your health – physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and environmental factors. Each person is unique and thus we employ a personalized strategy that considers your unique conditions, needs and circumstances. It is then, we can help guide you to the most appropriate interventions from an array of treatment options that will help you heal, regain, and maintain optimum health.


Integrative health coaching isn’t about one diet or one way of living. Instead, as a Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, I focus on Bio-individuality – the idea that we’re all are different and have unique dietary, lifestyle, emotional, and physical needs. This means that I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness. I work with you to discover how to fuel your body and become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself through a holistic approach.


I put great emphasis on holistic health beyond the plate as we all approach wellness through primary food, which is your relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity. The primary foods which is a core of the life that impacts your long-term health just as much as the food you eat. One size fits all is not for everyone when it comes to your health and well- being. We are bio-individuals with different needs that makes us unique from each other. You can eat all the kale you want, but if your core is not in balance, that “diet” will not be a successful approach to your unique needs.
Why am I so passionate?
I have personally struggled with my own journey with many challenging events. I wish I had someone to coach me while overcoming my struggles. My struggles became my strength, and this is why I chose to become a certified Health & Wellness Coach.
No one should walk their difficult journey alone. Walking thru your fears & feeling alone is a fear we all feel when walking through our personal journey to find our true purpose in life.  Call me for a Free Consult!
Meditation, not just for yogis!
Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, mood swings, or lack of sleep? Address these symptoms head-on with Meditation. Meditation may offer many benefits, such as helping with concentration, relaxation, inner peace, stress reduction and fatigue.


So, does meditation really work? Yes. Meditation quiets your mind and allows your mind and body to feel a sense of peace and clarity. With this clarity, our mind and body becomes more resilient allowing us to focus and dedicate our attention on the present while minimizing random thoughts about the past or future. They say that the longest distance we will ever travel is the 18 inches from our head to our heart.


Join Our Mind Over Matter Support Group. A support group to share and connect with others. Plus a session of mindfulness meditation to strengthen the well being of the body, mind, and spirit.