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The Finest Team of Professionals

Fatima Khanani-Moosa

Fatima is a licensed medical aesthetician with extensive knowledge in treating all skin types and conditions. She stays up-to-date with the latest technologies, techniques, and cutting edge products in skincare, which she loves to share with all her clients. Fatima’s scientific and clinical approach in a wide variety of treatments targeting the face, skin, and body is performed with a relaxing and soothing touch.  She has gained the credibility and loyalty of all whom she has treated.

Healing Power of Henna

If you know someone who has alopecia or going through cancer and want to give them a gift to embrace their journey with a smile, please contact us.
Every year Fatima shares her journey on how it felt to be 13 years old and being told her mom has cancer for the 2nd time! Her journey along the way has given her a great purpose of her own talent as a henna artist by lighting up cancer women with the simple touch of her henna art.


Henna beautifies a part of the body where we identify with loss.

Hats & Henna High Tea Benefit for The Rose

September 29, 2019 @ 2-4pm
This year is my mom’s 10th Year of Survivorship from Breast Cancer! This event is a celebration of empowering women in walking the cancer journey.  A celebration of life, friends, hope and sharing what we are blessed with!  Also, bringing awareness about breast cancer and honoring the work The Rose has been doing for 30 years of saving lives and serving the uninsured women by providing quality breast health care.


Join me in my mission and my purpose to support the mission of The Rose!